Die 7c hat mit ihrerer Englischlehrerin Frau Dressler im Englischunterricht (Engl. fordern) eine sehr spannende Geschichte geschrieben:

How the Tiger Got His Stripes

Once upon a merry time, when animals and humans still understood each other, Lolo, the lonely tiger cub, was crouching on a sunny spot on the riverbank of old mighty Brahmaputra, worrying about his looks: his fur was all orange, like everyboringbody else’s around him. “I will be unique!” flashed through his depression. “But how to go about it?” He wiped his eyes, pricked up his ears and tried to look strong and grown up. Suddenly

a thought came to his help: Margit, the fat old cobra, would be the right person to ask for advice.

Margit lay coiled up on a branch of the huge peepul tree (picture it about 3 times as high as the oak trees along your street!). Lolo politely knocked on the bark. “Margit! I’ve got a big big problem!” Margit opened one sleepy eye and tore her mighty jaws apart in a huge yawn, “How can I help you, sweet little Lolo?” she asked, because at times she liked to be friendly. “I want to change my looks, Auntie Margit.” “I will ask Uncle Kalle, the Orang Utan from next door’s!”

And they both went – well, Margit slid and slithered and Lolo crawled and climbed huffing and puffing up the neighbouring tree. Once arrived Margit hissed: ”Hello, Kalle, my dear. Can you probably spare a minute?“ And without waiting for an answer Lolo blurted: ”How can I change my looks, Uncle Kalle?” From the dark inside came a deep voice: “Good morning, Margit. Please come in, dear and you may bring the impatient little imp with you.” Lolo blushed, and do you think, dear reader, his shame became public? When you remember, that the colour of his fur was orange and that Kalle’s living room was dark, you know the answer...”Go out of my sight, you’re blocking the screen, goddammit!” was the next thing to be heard from Kalle. Lolo was too excited to listen : “Uncle Kalle! Look at the peroquet! How can I become as colourful as him?” Kalle smirked a bit and thought, he’d give it to the little buggar and with a solemn voice he sounded: “Go to the swamps on the riverbank, about 20 leaps from here, jump right in and dive down to the bottom. When you’re up again, you’ll look sure changed.”

And this is, what he did! And how did he look afterwards? Do you believe Kalle, dear reader, as Lolo did? No, of course not! In your mind you have covered him with black glistening mud and you’re glad that your nose isn’t in it...The mud eventually trickled down in beads and to Margit’s curious glance, an orange-and-black striped wet-like-a-cat Lolo emerged. “How beautiful!” she hissed and gulped down a good laugh like a fat rabbit, “and make sure never to wash again!”

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