Anthropocene - Let's start!


In mid-2020, the Erasmus project "Anthropocene" has been approved and funded by the EU. The 2019 new biology profile (current 13b) and Mr Sedemund provided the kick-off.


Four schools - one theme - eight teachers - over thirty pupils and their friends and parents.

  1.  "Institut Valles" in Sabadell, Barcelona (INS-Valles)
  2. "Istituto Omnicomprensivo Luigi Pirandello" in Lampedusa, Italy (Istituto-Lampedusa)
  3. "7o Geniko Lykeio Acharnon" in Acharnes/Athens, Greece (Lykeio-Acharnon)
  4. Faldera Community School with Upper School of the City of Neumuenster, Germany (GeFa-Neumuenster)


Due to the lockdown and travel restrictions, there was a year of stagnation but on 26th September 2021, it finally really started!

The teachers from all four countries met for a training in Sabadell near Barcelona.

After an extremely warm welcome by the headmistress Mrs Rosa Maria Duran and by the head of the Erasmus programmes in the education department of the Vall├Ęs Occidental district Mrs Anabel Borr├ás, we were guided through the school by students of the institute and thus got a first insight.

The following days were dominated by work on dates, contents, methods, results and possible restrictions by Corona.

Specific Erasmus topics such as eTwinning and the mobility tool were discussed as well as setting up accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Setting up our own homepage was a topic as well as linking and embedding the project on the schools' own homepages.

Fortunately, there was still a little time to get to know the beautiful area (Barcelona, Sagrada Familia) and to enjoy dinners with local specialities in wonderful summer weather with other wonderful colleagues.

On Friday, we took the opportunity to visit the lessons in different classes. In a class with about 14-15 year old students we learned about their Erasmus project - it was a good exchange in English.


The biology lessons of a 12th grade (one year before graduation) were also very interesting. The science profile at this school has four hours each of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. One lesson lasts 60 minutes. This science profile deserves its name! Besides that, the concentrated and very motivated work of all the students in the class was striking. By the way, each pupil has his own Chromebook. Of course there is WLan everywhere, every classroom has a whiteboard, beamer and speakers - end of the chalk era there - we still have them for years!

Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Greek language snippets flew around our ears non-stop, in addition to the English lingua franca - high performance sport for the language centre. But there was also a lot of laughter - the chemistry was right from the start.

Now we are looking forward to getting to know the other students and the countries on the following dates:

  • March 2022: Lampedusa, Italy  6th March till 12th March
  • May 2022: Sabadell, Spain 8th May till 14th May
  • October 2022: Neum├╝nster, Germany  23rd to 29th October
  • November 2022:  Acharnes, Greece, 20th to 26th NovemberÔÇĘ

From our school, 13b and 12b are taking part.

 This means that GeFa is finally an "international player" and the teachers involved, Mrs Reimann, Mr Bajorat, Mr Pohl, Mrs B├Ârnsen and Mrs Wenzel, will certainly initiate future projects, because Erasmus is simply great.

 A big THANK YOU to Laia, Txell, Rosa, Lourdes, Blanca, Enric, Jordi for their hospitality and of course Paola and Alfio (It), Katerina and Helen (Gr) for their cooperation and commitment and the good atmosphere!

Erasmus zeitung


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