Our school the Gemeinschaftsschule Faldera was founded in 1991. Our about 800 pupils between the age of 10 and 19 are teached by about 66 teachers.

Our school is an all- day school, but we have a big cafeteria where the pupils can have lunch and buy snacks.

Besides, our school offers some activities which are out of school. You can complete our school with the first, the second or the third and highest exams. Our school got the award "school without racism, school with courage" several times. We also take up many refugees to give them the chance for a good education.

Moreover, our school is known for its music events. In summer we do a music event in the hole afternoon and before the winter holidays we have a Christmas music event in two evenings.

Our school is located in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein, the North of Germany, in Neumünster. This offers a lot of opportunities to visit different parts of North of Germany. It lasts about half an hour to reach the Baltic Sea by car and about an hour to reach the North Sea which is also the unique mud-flats (Wattenmeer). Besides, we live near other big cities like Hamburg and Kiel, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein.

Neumünster has a cinema, a theatre and museums. There is also a big shopping center and the Designer Outlet where you can buy clothes from well- known brands.

In the summer you can swim in some of the lakes we have, but there is also a cool swimming pool.

With around 79,000 inhabitants (as of 2015), Neumünster is the fourth largest city in the northernmost German state after Kiel, Lübeck and Flensburg. Faldera was one of the first names for the Neumünster settlement. After the Second World War, corrugated iron huts for refugees existed here. In self-help and cooperation with housing associations, entire streets were built on. The district of Faldera was awarded for exemplary small settlements. 8734 people lived in Faldera in 2007.

(Elin und Nele, 11b)


School with courage

Hey readers,

In this article we will explain to you what exactly is meant by school against racism and with courage. The idea was invented in 1988 by learners in Belgium. They wanted to do something hands-on against all kinds of discrimination. Hundreds of countries like Belgium, Spain and Germany are now taking part. Courage is important to deal with discrimination. The project is from students for students. And our school would like to take part because we think it’s an extremely important topic. But you must know that you can only be involved if at least 70% of all students and people in your school commit themselves to campaign against any discrimination at their school by signing a contract. And it’s important too that your school must do an event about this point once a year. That's it people. Please take part in this topic.

Thanks for reading! (Talia 9c)

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